Wednesday, 13 March 2013

В тиха стая с баба. Беззащитна като бебе. Бебешка пудра и памперси.
Кокори се с хлътнала от беззъбие устица. Нищичко не казва.
Granny in hospital with a second brain stroke. I'm so nervous and tired.


Janet Clare said...

poor you and poor granny. I hope she is comfortable. Look after yourself so you can be strong for her.

Ясмина said...

прегръщам те!

hedwig said...

Outside is the storm but the sheets are white as snow. I dont know what I mean by that. It's like two different worlds: inside quiet and white, outside the sky is dark and blurred by rainy tears. I wish you and your granny all the best!

Patrice A. said...

poor granny
and you!
your images so soft
with tears and sunshine

all the best
Patrice A.