Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Баба Малина, любимата ми баба, със старческа деменция.
Не е онази, която познавах и някой често й шушне на ухото разнообразни небивалици.
My loveable granny already suffering from senile dementia.
As if an invisible birdy chirps unbelievable stories in her ear.


DCW said...

I hope that the stories are benign even if unbelievable (at least to some of us).

I remember many years ago taking an elderly relative on a trip through the mountains of the Cape Breton Highlands. All the while she kept thanking me for taking her back to her childhood home in Saskatchewan which is grassland and as flat as a pancake.

Who was I to argue?

Elena said...

и на двете снимки ъгълчетат на устата й са извити в закачлива усмивка :*
а пък мечката от календара-бъдеща книжка все си мислех, че е тя :)